Scholarships & Awards

Educational  is the most important investment that can be made for children for their future. Good education is the best investement of all. The College of Law realizes that making such an investment in children can place  financial stress on parents and especially undertaking Professional Degree  Study can be a significant financial commitment  and also suly acknowledge that financial constraints can bar students from acquiring higher education. While it is important that parents as well as students fully understand the nature and importance of this investment and are prepared to do their part, TCL makes every effort that deserving students can be provided with appropirare financial assistance in shape of  schorlarship to make it possible for them to pursue quality education. We at TCL gear all efforts towards assisting as many students as possible within our limited resources.

Scholarships are not only offered to those who are facing finacial constraints but are also made available to those brilliant shinning stars who have previously produced excetional results in academic field in the form of merit scholarship.

Sports scholarships are also available for those who have skills to prove their mettle in various sports.

Kinship scholarships are also a prominent feature of TCL scholarship system. Children and discounts.

Following awards also available for the students:

Muhammad Afzal Suhail Excellence Award:

This is established by The College of Law to honor. Mr. Muhaamad afzal Suhail, a reowned Judge, Jurist, and writer of his time. The award consisting of a shield and cash prize is given to over all top student of LL.B final Exam.

Ch. Shahdin Muhammad Acadenic Award:

This award is given in the name of famous Lawyer Ch. Shahdin Muhammad to the student who produces top result the subject of Law of Evidence.

Malik Manzoor Ahmed Scholarship:

This Scholarship is given in form of cash prize to student who produces top result in the subject of Civil Procedure Code.

Ch. Wali Muhammad Award:

Given to over all top girls student producing best result in LL.B final exam.