Who we are?

We are Gujranwala’s premium university offering a variety of Associate, Under Graduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Degree Programmes- that pretty much sums up who we are but that’s just where the story starts.

What do we do?

Our purpose to exist is what describes us in totality. It is to help young professionals convert knowledge into practise so that they can add to the society as quality professionals and noble human beings.


To bring about a change in society by becoming a leading educational and research institution that utilizes the latest technology and provides intellectually stimulating, professionally relevant and progressive and innovative education that is consistent with our national values and is accessible to all.


  • Employ highly qualified faculty with established research credentials
  • Hire competent and professional administrative staff
  • Ensure quality intake of students

To be a professional you need to train like a professional and to train like a professional you need professional facilities. By keeping this logical order in mind, we’ve developed our facilities to provide you with an environment closet to the professional world. Being up- to-date with technology and being a step ahead when it comes to accessing technology is of key importance to us. Each of our Schools is equipped with purpose-built facilities that best serve the programmes they offer. Below are some of the features that explain how we provide you with a modern professional environment at TCL:

Advanced Lecture Theaters

Starting with your lectures, THE COLLEGE OF LAW uses modern day teaching aids to make the learning experience more interactive and rewarding. For example, our tutors will often browse online for the latest information during their lectures so that what one learns is not just confined to the books. Our lecture theaters are designed to be comfortable and resourceful with whiteboards, projection screens, microphones, video projectors and Internet being readily available.