Exam Rules

1. Students are responsible for checking the date, time and place of writing of each of their examinations by consulting examination schedules posted on notice boards.
2. Students must put their official photo-ID cards in full view during examination; otherwise He/ She will not be allowed to sit in examination.
3. Students are required to arrive at the examination site on time. No student will be admitted after 10 minutes of commencement of the examination.
4. No student may leave within 1 ½ hour after the examination has commenced.
5. Cellular phones, personal audio equipment, and other electronic communication devices/ gadgets must be turned off and out of sight in the examination room.
6. Bags and books are to be deposited in areas designated by the Invigilator.
7. Students will not bring food into the examination room.
8. In case of a personal emergency of any sort (e.g., illness) students are to inform an invigilator of their circumstances and request assistance or permission to leave the examination room, as circumstances warrant.
9. Students have a right to ask an invigilator for clarification if aspects of the examination are unclear, but should be aware that invigilators will not answer any question that is deemed to infringe on examination integrity.
10. Students shall not communicate with one another in any manner whatsoever during the examination.
11. Students who bring any unauthorized material into an examination room or who assist or obtain assistance from other students or from any unauthorized source are liable to penalties.
12. At the conclusion of an examination, all writing shall cease. The Invigilator may seize the papers of students who fail to observe this requirement, and a penalty may be imposed.

Note: All students are responsible for knowing the College Examination Policy and the Student Code of Conduct.