Patron-in-Chiefs’ Message

Alongside creation of Skies, Allah Almighty has discussed “Meezan” here. What is the nexus between the creations of skies and that of “Meezan”? We know that Earth is part of a solar system and that of galaxy and there are numerous galaxies in this universe. This universe is the greatest manifestation of Justice. Everywhere, every object, every entity is confined to a particular sphere. Had God not established Justice at the time of creation alongwith specific laws for this universe, there would have been no Universe at all. Law and Justice are the cornerstones of this entire arrangement. Everything which has been created by God abides by the laws. Those have not been bestowed with discretion moving within the defined boundaries, orbits and limitations. And this is the basic nexus.

Then God addressed man and the directions which have been given to man have not been given to the moon, sun or stars. Why? Because Man is the only creation bestowed with discretion. He has been blessed with eyes, nose, ears and intelligence. Afterworks he has been given two choices between nobility and vices, heaven or hell. And honestly speaking these days we no longer consider crimes as vices and we have fallen grace only because we have ceased to follow universal principles of Justice.

With reference to this college I must say that Law is a way to seek Justice. Rights and obligations are the limits which define laws. These are the guiding lamps towards final destination. This institution is a blend of justice and knowledge.

To teach is a divine virtue as acquiring knowledge and sharing it with others have been the basis of the teachings of all Messengers of God. And I wish that all those Boys and Girls who study here not only become good lawyers but good human beings too.